Vim configuration for JavaScript



This is my Vim configuration that works perfect with modern JS frameworks/libraries.

It includes:

  • NERDTree (for file navigation)
  • Ale (for eslinting)
  • Prettier (for code formatting)
  • COC (for IntelliSense autocompletion)
  • different JS, JSX libraries to support modern JS syntax highlighting
  • …and some other plugins, for more details see here

One more image showing Linter and Prettier in action


My dotfiles can be found here!

curl is required to run (ubuntu: sudo apt install curl)
You need to have `node` and `npm` installed before running `:PlugInstall`

Setup process

  • clone the repo
  • run inside cloned repo directory (this will backup your existing vim configuration)
  • open Vim and run :PlugInstall
  • and you should be good to go

Info: This is only tested on Ubuntu 18.04+